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March 2015 Issue

Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund

Special Issue: 2014 Fund Directors' Report

Jeff and Karin Trotter, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

Child for sale: I was approached on the street in the Philippines to purchase this little boy

Rescue the perishing, the Bible says. You who gave out of the compassion of your hearts to the Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund in 2014 followed Jesus’ heart—you’ve helped protect many children and young women from those who wish to profit from their bodies, and you’ve helped rescue and restore those already trapped.

Let us tell you how.

In January, we visited partners in the Philippines who live and serve in the indescribably-impoverished slums of a major city where traffickers acquire victims. In that heart-breaking place, Heaven’s Family is helping girls and boys attend school, plus providing food, medical care and strong biblical training and nurturing. By building hope and security into their lives, we’ve helped prevent them from being seduced by the lies of those who wish to enslave them.

During that same trip, we also visited partners in Cambodia and Thailand, forming deeper alliances with them in our fight against trafficking. There we’re funding prevention-education that is coupled with the gospel for at-risk children, as well as providing new options for girls who wish to escape the rampant, tourist-fueled sex industry.

We also traveled in 2014 to Mexico, Latvia and Haiti, beginning new partnerships and projects that will enable us to do more in 2015, including future team-involvement opportunities.

The Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund is just getting started! 2014’s income was $35,780, of which $35,280 was used to rescue the oppressed and free the captives—service so very close to Jesus’ heart.

Again, our deepest thanks to you who gave us the privilege of representing you in this vital task that God has called us to—one from which we cannot shrink, no matter how big this “Goliath” appears to be.

Help rescue victims and prevent human trafficking


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Heaven's Family's Compassion Club

Jesus so clearly described His true followers in Matthew 25:31-46. They are “sheep,” whose love for Him is revealed by their sacrifices for the “least of these.” The “sheep” are contrasted with the “goats,” who may even call Him “Lord,” but who don’t really love Him, as revealed by their lack of compassion for those within whom He lives.

Jesus’ true sheep are born again and transformed by the Holy Spirit. They want to serve Jesus every moment of their lives. They are filled with His love. They’re not “Sunday Christians.”

Heaven’s Family’s Compassion Club is a wonderful means for Christ’s followers to demonstrate their love for Jesus every day through the very means He taught—by serving the “least of these.”

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