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March 2017 Issue

Critical Medical Needs Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

Laura Croft, Critical Medical Needs Ministry

Rebecca is full of joy and excited for what the future could now hold for her

“I want to thank you for your love,” Rebecca wrote in her letter to us, “I am now perfectly healed. Although we have never met, you have helped me because of your love for the Lord…I hope to see you one day!”

Our God-given bodies are fragile and weakened by the effects of sin in this world; they need constant care and attention to remain healthy. But in developing nations many have little or no access to even low-quality medical care due to poverty or the remote places in which they live. God has called the Critical Medical Needs Ministry to fill this need, and together with supporters like you, we take the hands of those suffering illness and lead them into healing and hope.

Last year God used us to provide life-saving surgeries, tumor and parasite removals, antibiotics for life-threatening infections, and cancer treatments. Malaria is common in many of these nations, and can be fatal unless treated. Most of you reading this have antibiotic ointment in your medicine cabinets, but even this is nearly impossible to find in rural villages.

The needs are overwhelming, but we trust God to direct us as we prayerfully consider each and every one we receive from our impoverished brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. We also help those whose hearts are open to the gospel as a testimony of God’s love for them.

Rebecca is one example of those we helped. She is an orphan student at an underground missionary school in Myanmar. Through compassionate gifts to the Critical Medical Needs Ministry, we were able to fund surgery to remove a lump in her breast for just $425. She is back to school and using her healing as a testimony of Christ’s love.

Joshua needed surgery to remove an infected cornea after determining it couldn’t be saved. Although now blind Joshua’s life was spared, and he currently attends a blind school where he’s learning to read and write.

Salma, from Mauritania, received urgent surgery to remove cysts in her hips and back. For years, she was unable to walk or work, but can now do both!

The Critical Medical Needs Ministry is dedicated to bringing heaven to earth and life abundant through healing in Jesus’ name, and we couldn’t do it without friends like you. I believe Rebecca will be waiting one day in heaven to meet those who’ve made her medical miracle possible!

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