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March 2017 Issue

Farming God’s Way Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

Dick Samuels, Farming God's Way Ministry

Dickson (center) with some members of our team in front of maize that’s 10-12 feet tall

Dickson Shuwali once was a poor farmer who couldn’t grow enough to feed his family through to the next harvest—a period of months often called the “hunger season.” But Dickson was not unique. Subsistence farmers in Malawi routinely suffer the same yearly depravations.

Thankfully for Dickson, however, a divine connection brought him discipleship in the Lord and then taught him a revolutionary way to grow food called Farming God’s Way. Ever since, he has seen a ten-fold increase in his harvest while actually using less land—even in times of drought. Dickson is now a prosperous farmer who teaches others about the miracle of Farming God’s Way.

By itself, this is a method of cultivation that produces remarkable harvests through moisture conservation, erosion control and topsoil restoration that has the power to transform agriculture in Africa. But Farming God’s Way is, first and foremost, a way to reach the lost with the saving power of Jesus Christ and build strong community among poor farmers. This is accomplished through “God’s Love Groups.” Farmers meet regularly for discipleship, encouragement, and mutual support.

With hearts and minds renewed by the gospel and hands equipped with techniques both effective and self-sustaining, we’re witnessing the beginning of a revolution that can transform all of Africa.

To make this happen, God has been assembling an international team of FGW trainers that is now working in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. In 2016 the Farming God’s Way Ministry, through generous gifts from partners like you, invested the crucial financial resources necessary to put this team together and fund their training efforts across borders.

We’re excited about all the places FGW is helping farmers because much of Africa is experiencing prolonged drought. Malawi is one of the hardest hit nations—so much so that the government, having witnessed the potential of FGW to rescue their population from starvation, is urgently requesting that we train as many as possible. And in Rwanda, the government is very interested in teaching FGW to prisoners so they can help feed themselves, and in what are called “reconciliation villages” where truly repentant genocidal murderers are now peacefully living among forgiving family members of their victims—perhaps the most amazing process of reconciliation the world has ever seen.

We thank God for our Farming God’s Way Ministry partners in 2016, and those faithfully at our side in 2017!

Help impoverished farmers produce sustainable, abundant harvests


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