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March 2017 Issue

Food Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

Diane Scott, Food Ministry

Angela enjoying a glass of milk

Some of Angela’s friends beg for food on the street. But this beautiful 11-year-old is blessed to be able to attend school, enjoy a healthier diet, receive care when she’s sick—all because she is sponsored by Hope House, a Christian ministry based right in her slum community in the Philippines.

Before coming to Hope House Angela and her family often suffered from a lack of food, and was at risk of having to beg on the streets like some of her friends. But the meals and food parcels they receive, made possible by the Food Ministry of Heaven’s Family, have given her family hope. And, through her family’s relationship to Hope House, Angela is learning about Jesus through weekly Bible studies and has received her first, very own Bible!

In 2016 we provided thousands of meals for approximately 1,500 additional children and families each month. We fed:

• struggling moms earning only about $5 per week, church families, slum children and impoverished, marginalized ethnic groups in the Philippines;

• homeless, forgotten ones in China with hot, healthy meals so they could hear about their heavenly Father who loves them;

• impoverished children, many from abusive backgrounds, suffering chronic malnutrition in Kenya with hot daily meals, abandoned babies in Mombasa with food and formula, and poor subsistence farmers with bulk maize through the hunger season—all to further the kingdom of Jesus;

• very sick and terminally ill prisoners in Rwanda with glasses of whole milk (considered a precious gift of honor by these outcasts of society) during weekly chaplain visits;

• impoverished children in DR Congo with daily milk to supplement their protein-deficient diets, and young ladies—destitute victims of rape—with daily fortified lunches while attending Christian vocational school;

• desperately poor children, widows, elderly and families in Mexico—including meals and food parcels for children rescued from sex trafficking.

In every nation, we make sure our food gifts are supplemented with generous helpings of Jesus’ love through dedicated workers, in hopes of using the hunger for physical food to tell others of the Bread of Life.

Many lives were sustained in 2016 because of generous gifts to the Food Ministry. Jesus said, “For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat,” and then, “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me” (Matt. 25:35, 40). Together, we hope to reach even more in 2017 as the Lord wills!

Help provide food security for impoverished, hungry Christians


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