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March 2017 Issue

National Missionary Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

Jody Walker, National Missionary Ministry

National missionary Ashok Masihi (front-left in white shirt) with his family and church

The ultimate sacrifice. That’s what one of our beloved Burmese national missionaries paid last year in her service to the Lord. Her many years of earthly sacrifice to advance God’s kingdom are surely resulting in great reward now. Her Buddhist family members ridiculed her faith in Christ, but she never stopped praising His holy name—even to her last breath.

Many of our other missionaries suffered in 2016 as well. Rigorous and often dangerous travel—from both the road and persecution—to reach remote villages resulted in illnesses and injuries for some. But they didn’t give up. They counted their lives as nothing compared to reaching more of their own people for Christ.

These hardships were faced by others:

• Our missionaries in China and Cuba refused to cave under constant harassment and threats from government authorities to stop preaching the name of Jesus.

• Our missionaries in Myanmar continued to risk their lives in order to advance the kingdom in dangerous, civil-war torn areas of the country.

• Our missionaries in northern India pressed on in love despite intense persecution and death threats from fanatic Hindu mobs.

In 2016, I traveled halfway around the world to meet some of the bravest and most selfless people on this planet. My personal heroes of the faith, these men and women missionaries in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka have been spat upon, beaten and forsaken by their families and communities because of the Light and Truth that fills their hearts and radiates from their lives.

They, too, were once trapped in darkness and deception, but after finding the one true God, they are driven by a divine resolve to sacrifice everything in order to bring hope and life to those still ensnared in darkness.

In 2016, investors in the National Missionary Ministry enabled us to provide monthly support to 52 indigenous missionaries in 9 countries. We also helped equip missionaries with motorbikes, bicycles, boots, Bibles, an LCD projector, training, electric generators and housing, and helped fund several gospel campaigns—all in order to advance the kingdom of Christ further into enemy territory.

If you invested in the National Missionary Ministry last year we thank you. And if you just joined us in 2017, we want you to know that you’re helping transform broken lives, heal the sick, rescue the hopeless, and set the captive free. Thank you for advancing Jesus’ kingdom!

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