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March 2017 Issue

Refugee Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

Becky Servant

Nine precious little girls are alive, safe, and thriving because of you!

The Syrian conflict, now in its fifth year of grinding misery, witnessed even more death and destruction in 2016. Such prolonged violence has caused massive social upheaval, forcing more than 5 million refugees to flee for their lives into the neighboring countries of Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, and an unconfirmed number into the nations of Europe. And it seems there is no end in sight.

Through trusted partners of Heaven’s Family, the Refugee Ministry is seeking to help those refugees—most of whom live in deplorable conditions within camps—in neighboring countries like Lebanon. There we’ve helped to provide Syrian refugee infants with formula, vitamins and other essentials, because the diets of their mothers is not sufficient to provide for them.

Heaven’s Family has also donated sewing machines to a school that equips young refugee women with skills they can use to help provide for their families. Many times they are the sole bread winner in the family because men are prevented from taking local jobs.

Within Syria itself, 6.1 million have been displaced from their home villages and cities and have no ability to relocate to a foreign country for safety. Many of these people have relocated several times, fleeing from a war that seems to follow them wherever they go.

The Refugee Ministry has been working with pastors in four different regions within Syria to bring much-needed relief in Jesus’ name. We have served over 300 suffering families in 2016 with food, clothing and supplies to help them endure the cold winter months. I am grateful for this opportunity to be Jesus to them.

Heaven’s Family has also assisted nine orphaned Sudanese girls by providing for school tuition and their room and board for three years. Several of these girls have lost not just their parents, but every member of their families due to the civil war in Sudan. Thankfully they are now in a safe place, and are now hopeful about their futures. What a blessing it is to see them thrive!

We’re so thankful for our faithful partners whose hearts of compassion make this ministry to refugees possible, and we pray more will join us in 2017!

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