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March 2017 Issue

Safe Water Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

Diane Scott, Safe Water Ministry

Many lives are changed by the gift of clean water provided by Heaven’s Family

Lakshman desperately tried to find healing for his ill wife Ranjani. Local doctors, Hindu priests and witchdoctors had called her tumor incurable, so he took her to Nerchowk, a nearby village.

While seeking out the village’s witch doctor, they went to draw water from a community well installed by the Safe Water Ministry of Heaven’s Family. When they learned that local Christians had taken the initiative to provide such a blessing to Nerchowk, they wanted to meet them. That’s when they first heard about Jesus, and Ranjani received prayer for her illness.

The couple returned several times to learn more, and eventually, their whole family received Jesus—and Ranjani was healed. The couple then returned to their home village, led others to Christ, and helped start a church—all because of a humble well that provided safe water.

Almost one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water, and among them millions die each year from water-related diseases. But we, together with the many who gave generously to change that statistic, have done amazing things in 2016. For example, we:

• funded the drilling of 18 wells in poor villages in Myanmar, India, Kenya and Zimbabwe, making safe water abundantly available to thousands of poor Christians and their neighbors;

• installed 8 storage tanks for storing rainwater or water pumped from wells for poor Christians in Myanmar and Kenya;

• provided 13 pipe and pumping systems to bring clean water to rural families in the Philippines, and 3 remote villages in Myanmar;

• provided 8 proper latrines with hygiene and sanitation training for very impoverished Christian families suffering the effects of unsafe water and sanitation problems in Uganda and the Philippines;

• distributed Sawyer water filters to poor believers in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Malawi, Kenya, the Philippines and Cuba. These filters are highly-effective, removing 99.9% of illness-causing contaminants.

In 2017 we are continuing to bring safe water to our poor brothers and sisters in need, and work to teach many about good hygiene and protecting good water sources. Most importantly, we’re using clean water as a tool to bring the Good News to those who need living water from the Fountain of Life! He is the purest well, and one that never runs dry!

Help provide safe drinking water for impoverished Christians


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