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March 2017 Issue

Unreached People Groups Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

Todd Matthews, Unreached People Groups Ministry

The UPGM is bringing love and joy to both the young and old through God’s Word

Heaven’s Family takes seriously the Great Commission’s charge to take the gospel to all nations. And although Heaven’s Family serves the poor in a myriad of humanitarian ways, we use those good works to reach more with the message of God’s love.

Through the Unreached People Groups Ministry, we are obeying the Great Commission by preaching Christ to those who have never heard the Good News before, and then building Jesus’ kingdom in their midst.

As part of our ministry, we serve the Church by awakening believers to the fact that there are still thousands of people groups that are still considered unreached. These groups are defined as distinct ethnic tribes containing fewer than 1% Christians. In 2016 we began to work with unreached and unengaged people groups. These groups are defined as those that have no known ministry, missionary, or local church attempting to reach them. We can’t bear the thought that there are still hundreds of groups in China alone that are unreached and unengaged.

A few years ago, the A-Che were one such group. Now they are no longer considered “unengaged” because of our team’s work among them. Sister Yang is an example of the fruit harvested among the A-Che. She is now equipping other new believers in her tribe to take the gospel to others in their region, and then nurture house churches that are born.

Isn’t it exciting that Heaven’s Family has penetrated an unreached, unengaged people group, establishing the very first believers among them? While we are committed to raising up genuine, Christ-following disciples in the groups we are already engaging, we were also working to engage even more unengaged people groups last year.

Looking back at 2016, our faithful partners enabled us to…

• Continue sending teams of evangelists, Bible trainers and house church pastors to the A-Che people, as well as those from the Dong, HaNi, and Nisu people groups;

•   Send teams of evangelists to engage the Lalu people for the first time; and

•  Support our partners in the Middle East who are reaching the Jabali people.

Together, we’ve reached more than a thousand people with the gospel, many of whom heard Jesus’ name for the first time, provided biblical training for more than 100 believers, and visited and encouraged newly emerging house churches in 30 villages. In 2017 we are bringing the gospel to even more unreached, unengaged people groups among the Tibetan and Yi nations within China!

Help take the gospel to an unreached people group


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