Standing on Their Own!

30 Apr

Standing on Their Own!

A boy standing on the remnants of his orphanage demolished by the government
This is all that was left of their home after the government ordered it to be demolished.

Over the past several years, Orphan’s Tear has helped over 30 orphanages in Burma. One of them, Christ’s Home for the Needy, we had never been allowed to visit. Located in the remote city of Hakha in Chin, a state forbidden to foreigners, we could only meet with the director when he made the difficult journey to the city of Kalaymyo, just outside the border of Chin State.

You may recall that our first involvement with this orphanage began back in 2008, when we helped them build a new home after the authorities ordered the demolition of the existing one (due, they said, to some violation of the city’s building code). Since then, our UK division of Orphan’s Tear has also helped them construct a fish farm and purchase a small truck—an uncommon, highly-valued utility vehicle in Hakha—that they often hire out to earn money that helps the orphanage become more self-sufficient.

Last month, in an unprecedented move by the government, I was granted permission to visit Hakha. I had the privilege of finally visiting Christ’s Home for the Needy! I was overwhelmed by what I saw. Not only was I thrilled to finally meet the children whom I had only known previously through photos, but I also witnessed the fruits of our labors with my own eyes!

Now equipped with fish ponds, a truck, and other facilities, this orphanage is about ready to stand on its own. Using these resources it can now support itself and provide for the ongoing needs of the children through education and training. We hope that another orphanage that we support in the area will also soon benefit from the blessings God has bestowed upon this one. So look out for another positive report in the future!

On behalf of all who have benefitted from your kindness, thank you!

Philip Barker
Director, Orphan’s Tear UK division

The children and directors standing in front of their orphanage
This is the beautiful home of Christ’s Home for the Needy

The fish ponds located behind the orphanage
Now self-sustained through their fish ponds


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  • Samuel Onyiego Bosire, " Sammy Bossana".

    Am a witness of good work the Heaven’s Family are doing. I got opportunity to meet Mr. David Servant and shared alot. Our kids he visited of Jocada Academy, still wait to see him once more. Thank you so much the Heaven’s family and may the Lord bless you abundantly.

  • Niko

    Good job. Ж

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