“Stephen, Catch!”

Stephen Servant, a serious-looking “boy” and another friend in Myanmar

“Stephen, Catch!”

A time of transition at Orphan’s Tear

Dear Friends,

I’ve dreaded this day, but it has finally come! I’ve absolutely loved directing Orphan’s Tear these past few years, but there’s one thing I love even more—being a mom to my son Jonathan.

So with mixed emotions I pass the torch into the very capable hands of my older brother, Stephen Servant. I know he can provide the dedication and experience that Orphan’s Tear needs in the years ahead. In fact, Stephen has worked at Heaven’s Family, the parent ministry of Orphan’s Tear, longer than I have, and has traveled more times than I can count to Myanmar. His mission will be to expand the exciting efforts being made to return institutionalized children who have parents to their homes, and find foster-care families for true orphans.

Stephen loves what we do so much he married Daisy, who happens to be a Myanmar pastor’s daughter! That’s given him first-hand cross-cultural experience! Please welcome Stephen to Orphan’s Tear by sending him an email at: [email protected].

Stephen loves to captivate and engage children at every orphanage he visits, making them feel special and loved

Although I will greatly miss corresponding with our orphanages and with all of you, I am super-excited for the future of Orphan’s Tear.

I’ll still be working part-time for Heaven’s Family, however, administering our Compassion Club. If you haven’t heard about the Heaven’s Family Compassion Club, please check it out here.

Thank you for your continued support of this incredible ministry!

Elisabeth Walker
Former Director of Orphan’s Tear

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