Still in Business

18 Jun

Lydia in her shop in Kenya after receiving the microloan.
You’ve helped Lydia weather the COVID pandemic through a microloan. Here she’s selling women’s clothes and accessories in her shop.

Still in Business

God’s economy won’t be going on lockdown

Dear Family,

As Kenya goes through yet another wave of COVID-19 shutdowns, many continue to struggle economically. However, the perpetual benefits of your investments in Heaven’s Family’s Microloan Ministry continue to multiply!

You helped Lydia receive a microloan a few years ago. Her shop is still operating today. The blessing of the microloan you helped to provide and the support of her brothers and sisters in Christ have enabled her to persevere even through these difficult times

Thank you for standing with Lydia!

Picture of the director of the microloan ministry

Steve Sifa
Director, Microloan Ministry


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