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September 2019 Issue

They Are Still Waiting for the Good News.

David Servant, National Missionary Ministry

They Are Still Waiting for the Good News.

How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed?
How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard?
And how will they hear without a preacher?
How will they preach unless they are sent?

Many are still waiting to hear the GOOD NEWS. You can mobilize beautiful feet by sending a preacher to those who have never heard. Only $12 per day can enable a frontline missionary to reach new villages with the gospel.

Dear Family,

I have a good job waiting for you. With that alluring promise, 17-year-old Mo Sai made the desperate decision to travel with the stranger so she could earn money to send back to her impoverished family.

Unfortunately for Mo Sai, this slick traveling salesman was good at his job—deceiving young, naive girls with the promise of distant employment, only to then traffic them as sex slaves.

After being taken to Myanmar’s border with Thailand, Mo Sai was utterly horrified to realize she had been tricked. She felt deathly ill at the thought of never seeing her family again…and of her body being abused and repeatedly raped each day. She’d rather die trying to escape than to have to live in that hellish misery.

Miraculously, Mo Sai was able to escape. She then made her way back to her village in the mountains of Myanmar (Burma).

Upon returning to her village, she discovered another strange man in town. He too was promising good things. But he was different. Very different. He spoke about a God she was not yet familiar with. About a hope she had never known.

Growing up, Mo Sai’s family and surrounding villages worshiped the spirits of nature (animism). They called them nats. Believing those evil spirits to inhabit the trees, rocks, mountains and lakes, the fearful worshippers would try their best to

appease them through offerings. Every house, including Mo Sai’s, had an altar for those spirits.

Mo Sai sat enthralled as this stranger talked about a different type of Spirit. One that was good and pure. A holy Spirit.

As she heard about Jesus for the first time in her life, Mo Sai believed. Choosing to turn her back on her ancestral religion and cultural beliefs, she surrendered her life to Christ.

Picture of Mo Sai being baptized

For her safety (as a new believer in Christ who had just escaped human traffickers and forsaken her village’s religion), Mo Sai traveled with the missionary back to his Bible School so she could be discipled. At the school, she publicly declared her faith through water baptism (I’ve included a photo of her baptism).

Mo Sai then felt the Lord calling her to train as a missionary so she could go back to her village to evangelize and disciple her family, neighbors and surrounding villages, and to help save other girls from the traffickers.

Now a trained soldier for Christ, Mo Sai is being sent back into hostile territories to win others—like herself—to Jesus. Having grown up in spiritual darkness and fearfully sacrificing to evil spirits that surrounded her, Mo Sai knows how desperate her friends and family are without Christ. She’s driven to save them from a Christ-less eternity. She faces persecution, and possibly even death, but she’s ready for eternity—her friends and family are not.

In order for Mo Sai—and others like her—to go preach the Good News, she needs to be sent. Can you help send her? $12 per day will enable a missionary like Mo Sai to engage the enemy head on and minister in villages that are enslaved in darkness. You can bring them freedom in the light of Christ.

The missionary who led Mo Sai to the Lord is Pastor K. He is a national undercover missionary leading the charge to take the gospel into remote areas of his home country, Myanmar. It’s not easy work. In fact, it’s war. Spiritual war.

As Pastor K trains Mo Sai to face the enemy in her own region, he’s also engaged on many other spiritual battlefields throughout his nation.

Pastor K and the missionaries whom he trains minister in regions that are incredibly hostile towards the gospel. A 60-year civil war has brought death and destruction to rebel minority tribal groups as the Burmese army stops at nothing to control the entire country.

Hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee their homes. Families are torn

apart, children are orphaned and enslaved. Many are trafficked for sex or labor. The situation is desperate.

One area where Pastor K and his team are currently working in is the “Lishu Community” near these bloody war zones. The community is made up of 4 villages in the middle of the golden triangle, a region infamous for its opium/heroin production as well as human trafficking. In this hotbed of war, drugs and slavery, the villagers are desperate for hope. They need Jesus. Pastor K’s team is willing to die if it means bringing life to these people. You can send them.

Picture of missionaries

Evangelism in this area is forbidden, however, forcing Pastor K and his missionary team underground to work in secret.

This is a war that can only be won with the support of brothers and sisters in Christ like you. The good news is, it only costs $12 per day to send a missionary into this battle.

Pastor K’s story and mission are not unique. In each frontline war zone where Heaven’s Family is supporting missionaries (such as Pakistan, China, Southeast Asia, North Korea), support is woefully inadequate despite a deepening cry for hope from the people they serve. The devil keeps these missionaries’ stories quiet, the people they serve hidden, and you and I disengaged. But no longer. Let’s take back this ground and show the enemy just how strong a united global church can be.

The incredibly brave national missionaries Heaven’s Family partners with are engaged in a deadly spiritual battle. Every day, they choose to walk into the darkness of both physical and spiritual persecution in order to bring the light of Jesus into some of the darkest corners of the planet. They do this under-supported and under-resourced. Can you help change that?

On behalf of Mo Sai and Pastor K,

P.S. Entire villages of lost people are in desperate need of the gospel. They are waiting to hear for the first time. Can you help change that by sending them a preacher? $12 enables a frontline missionary to preach the gospel for one day—a tiny fraction of what it costs to send a Western missionary into an alien culture and language. And in God’s economy, you as a sender also get a reward. Every day counts. How many days can you send “your missionary” to reach the lost?

Yes! I’d like to send a missionary for:

$12 (1 day)  |   $84 (1 week)  |   $360 (1 month)


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