Stitching Lives Back Together

25 Nov

Picture of widows and abandoned women in Kenya you are helping
Lilian (L), Beatrice (R), and Wangui (standing). Their smiles express the change that was made possible through your compassionate gifts.

Stitching Lives Back Together

How you’ve provided a second chance for abandoned women in Kenya

Dear Family,

You are changing the lives of Beatrice and Lilian in Nakuru, Kenya! Five days a week they meet with Wangui, their sewing instructor. They begin by reading the Bible and praying for each other. They also share their burdens with each other. If one of them has a need, they help each other. They are also assisting their community by sewing masks and sanitary pads.

Previously, Beatrice (43) struggled to find ways to feed her family after being abandoned by the father of her two children. Then, after losing one of her children, she turned to drinking. Though she still struggles at times, she has found her hope in the Lord. Lilian (29) lost her mother as a young child and was passed from one family member to another. She now lives with and cares for her grandmother and her daughter. For a long time, Lilian struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts because she was unable to earn adequate wages. The stress of figuring out how to survive has now been lifted from her! She is no longer alone and sees hope for her future.

Wow! Your investment in these ladies is bearing much fruit! For $60 per month, Beatrice and Lilian are learning how to support their families through sewing, how to take care of one another, and how to follow the Lord! How good is that?

Thank you for your faithful gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry that help women like Beatrice and Lilian all over the world to make a new start!

Picture of Director of Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

Dossie Briggs
Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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