Strategic Planting

Picture of evangelist sharing a Bible with refugee
500 boxes of Bibles during their long trek to spiritually hungry refugees in Shan State, Myanmar

Strategic Planting

How you’ve helped sow God’s Word in Myanmar

Dear Family,

THANK YOU for helping get the precious Word of God into the hands of those desperately praying for it.

Through your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Strategic Bibles Ministry, you’ve recently helped:

  • distribute Bibles throughout 7 provinces of China;
  • provide Bible audio recordings in Pakistan and Afghanistan to reach the Taliban and other groups with no printed Scriptures;
  • smuggle Bibles through underground networks;
  • float Bibles in bottles to the spiritually starving in North Korea;
  • deliver Bibles to Siberian indigenous peoples in their own language for the first time ever; and
  • smuggle Bibles from Iraq into Iran as multitudes are coming to Christ.

Another major effort that you helped make possible was a large Bible transportation project. COVID-19 delayed the project but it finally happened—praise God! 32,200 New Testaments have been delivered to the refugee Karin people of Shan State and Wa State in Myanmar. God is so faithful as we sow His Word carefully and strategically in the fields that are ripe unto harvest!

This ministry would be impossible without friends like you. Thank you for praying, giving and caring about the things our King Jesus cares about. You are making eternal investments in His kingdom.

David Promise
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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