Successful surgery for twins

12 Sep

Image of twins before and after surgeryLeft: the girls struggling to walk. Right: the twins overjoyed after their surgery, thanks to you!

Successful surgery for twins

A committed Christian father is blessed—his daughters can soon walk normally!

Dear Family,

The four-year-old twins in the photo, Maria and Zainab, were born in May 2018 in Sierra Leone with both of their femurs bowing. They were diagnosed with Blount’s disease. Thankfully, it was fixable! With surgery, both girls would be able to walk normally. But the girls’ father earns just $120 a month as a teacher, making the $8,000 cost of the two surgeries completely unaffordable for their family.

Their doctor urged the family to schedule the surgeries while the girls were still young. Without any treatment, they would eventually become unable to walk due to the pain.

Thanks to your investments through Heaven’s Family’s Critical Medical Needs Ministry, both girls had successful surgery! After some therapy, the girls will soon be walking normally. Their father is winning many to the Lord in their community. You have removed a great burden from this special family. Here is a note he sent for you:

On behalf of the Kabia family, we wish to extend our apprecation and thanks for funding my children’s surgery. The surgery was successful. Words cannot express the way we appreciate you. You care for children you do not know. Thank you!

Image of the director of the Critical Medical Needs Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Critical Medical Needs Ministry

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