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February 2012 Issue

Sweet Sisters

Orphan's Tear at Work in Myanmar

Elisabeth Walker, Orphan's Tear Ministry


Bawi Tha Par and Ngun Ngen Tial

Neither of them can remember their parents. Bawi was just three months old, and Ngun only two when their mother was killed in an accident. Six months later, their father died of tuberculosis, a disease that still takes lives among Myanmar’s rural poor.

Grandparents took both girls in, but they were already of retirement age—when their adult children would be customarily taking care of them. Feeding two more mouths wasn’t easy, but they did their best to care for their granddaughters.

After three years, Bawi and Ngun were showing signs of malnutrition, and their grandparents weren’t getting any younger. So they brought the girls to El Shaddai Children’s Home in Kalaymyo, a small Christian orphanage that is full of love. They have lived there ever since, and today Bawi is 13 and Ngun is 15.


Portraits of Bawi Tha Par over the past 6 years


Portraits of Ngun Ngen Tial over the past 6 years

Ngun struggles with hearing problems—perhaps due to her earlier malnutrition—making it difficult for her in school. She’s learned how to weave fabric on a hand-powered loom, however, and we’ve provided her with her very own loom to use at El Shaddai Children’s Home. Her sister, Bawi, is doing very well in school. Both girls love the Lord, and because they are sponsored through our Orphan’s Tear program, all their needs are being met.


Bawi and Ngun represent hundreds of children who are being cared for at Christian orphanages because of the compassion of Orphan’s Tear child sponsors. For just $20 per month, you can help provide food, clothing, shelter, schooling and Christian nurture for a little follower of Christ. To find your child, visit www.OrphansTear.org.

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