Taking It to the Streets

15 Mar

Taking It to the Streets

burmese orphan picking up trash
Joshua from Anna’s Orphanage in Yangon, helping to keep the road clean

Dear Friends,

Repairing roads. Visiting the sick and praying for them. Taking vegetables to those without food. Sharing the gospel. These are just some of the activities that your sponsored children have been doing. We have some pretty amazing kids! When you support a child through Orphan’s Tear, not only are you making a difference in the life of a child, you are also impacting a community.

Below are a few of the reports we’ve recently received from our orphanages (in broken English, of course):

Life Concern Orphanage – Cleaning Up the Road

We are please to inform you that we the Life Concern Orphanage kids were involved in the community development activities which is cleaning the road. The kids and the LCM family were enthusiastically involved at that activity. The local authority highly appreciated our deeds. It is our prayer that we the LCM family want to be a blessing for our community. We want to impact our community by a good deeds.

orphans in myanmar repair roadThe Life Concern kids repairing a road

Life Orphanage – Visiting and Praying for Sick Neighbors, Sharing Food

On 3rd Jan 2010 Sunday, we attend church worship service at the church on the Rock. I preached the Gospel, all my children has Bible-verse by heart reading Gal. 6:9 than we have group Sing Song Joyfully. We visited to our neighbor two houses who were sick and laying in bed. We pray for them gives strength with the word of God. They are very glad and praise the Lord.

We make garden inside our compound planting onion, various vegetables taking care and watering daily by children. We can eat our own vegetable twice or thrice in a week. We gave them one time each to our neighbor houses of (5) family.

burmese girl waters garden in myanmarThese vegetable are doing more than just feeding orphans… they are being used as a witness to neighbors!

Agape Orphanage – Taking Care of Widows and Neighbors

We have a widow next to our house. She was sick this month. So we went to her house and encouraged her and prayed for her. Sometimes, we share food and clothings to our neighbours and tell them good news about our Lord.

Peace Orphanage – Sharing the Good News

Every Saturdays and whenever they freed from school we went some house to house and used to sell something. Such as soap, vegetable salt, and others. Which we bought from market. In this way we could shared the word of God and our prayer to some people. As they know we are orphans, they also gave us a little profit on our things.

Goshen Orphanage – A Drunk Reformed

Moreover in January, I have Home Crusade to one of a very drunkerd mans house. He got born again in the Holy Spirit of God and now he is always in the Church, leaving back the liquor room……Halleluijah.

El Shaddai Orphanage – Preaching the Gospel to Buddhists

This year Christmas was celebrated with the small gift that we received from our friend. We invite our neigbours who are Buddhist around 50 people.They all could come and fed them with physical food and spiritual food. We preach them the gospel and taught them some christian songs. They all are so excite and they said to us celebrate Christmas for us next year we will listen the word of God once again. May to God be the glory.

New Eden – Praying, Fasting, and Sharing the Good News

In January from 2-4 we went the place called Camel Mount for fast and pray with 15 children. We spent two days on mount and asking to God how would we step in the year 2010. Also each of us have commitment for the Lord’s work as long as we are in this entire world. The Lord fill with us with His Holy Ghost during the time we stayed on that mount, all of us happy and glad to receive the revelation of God for the future. After coming down from that Camel Mount many activities of Orphanage are changed. The main routine for the Orphanage is as follows:

1.) We have two main worship services, at night and morning. During this services, we prayed for all the people who cares, help, support, guide, love and all the needy i.e., orphans, widows, deaf, blind, ministers, preachers, etc.

2.) After their school, according to their name list, visiting to church member, sick, weak, and comfort them by the word of God and praying for them.

3.) Every weekend all the people have an opportunities to visit member, share the gospel to people as much as they could reach. When the children are sharing the good news people give attention more than other (Adult). Thanks God for that. All the children are decided to share the gospel to the people as long as they are in this world. Praise the Lord for that.

I hope you were blessed as you read those reports.

I’m also happy to report that excellent progress is being made on two orphanage dorms that we have under construction in Myanmar, thanks to contributions to the Dorms for Orphanages Fund and the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund. God bless everyone who is making those miracles possible, and to every child sponsor!

For the Children,

Charity McDaniel

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