Taking Up the Torch

Twelve Khmu Bible students ready to evangelize Laos and Thailand

Dear Friends,

I received this encouraging update from our Khmu Christian Connection (KCC) ministry partners who serve the persecuted saints of Laos and Thailand:

Hello praying brothers and sisters in Christ!

It is almost the end of 2013 and many great things have happened among the Khmu Christians in Laos. From growing number of believers, to intense persecution in many villages, the Khmu are responding to the Lord in many ways.

I thank you very much for your ongoing prayers and financial support! Attached is a picture of our current 12 Bible school students. Please pray for them…They will be going to various villages in Laos and Thailand for ministry.

Khamg Yeng and I wish you all a blessed time during the Holidays and an early Happy 2014!

Sionh & Khamyeng

The Persecuted Christians Fund has been supporting the work of KCC for years as they train up evangelists and pastors through their Bible schools, border seminars (just inside the Thai border with Laos) and village seminars within Laos, one of the few remaining communist countries, and where many Christians still experience intense persecution.

In addition, KCC sends out radio broadcasts that provide the gospel and teaching for thousands—perhaps millions—throughout Southeast Asia, and provides emergency food and assistance to persecuted believers who have lost their homes and jobs.

Despite the efforts of Satan, the Church continues to thrive under these harsh conditions. God is so faithful to His own!

Grateful to be in service to Him, and to His “least of these,”

David Warnock
Director, Persecuted Christians Fund

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