Taxi Drives Orphanage Down Road to Self-Sufficiency

03 Sep

Taxi Drives Orphanage Down Road to Self-Sufficiency

These children are now on their own, and they’re happy about it (or are they learning how to hail a taxi?).

It’s finally happened! I’m thrilled to report to you that Life Concern is the first Orphan’s Tear orphanage to become totally self-sufficient! It’s been a long road, but through director Joney Thawng Hup’s hard work and entrepreneurial drive, together with micro-loans from Orphan’s Tear, his orphanage no longer relies on outside support.

Joney had already been earning income from several businesses, made possible through micro-loans from Orphan’s Tear, but they could not provide for all of their monthly needs.

Then one day Joney asked me for a loan to buy a taxi. The income from operating a taxi, he assured me, would finally allow Life Concern to become self-sufficient.

Orphan’s Tear has loaned thousands of dollars to dozens of orphanages over the last few years as we strive to help each provide for 100% of their own needs, but we’ve never made individual loans the size that Joney was asking for, and I told him so.

Seeing that he was determined, however, and knowing of his excellent track record repaying previous loans, I made him an offer: Orphan’s Tear would loan him the money in lieu of the sponsorship support he’d normally receive for his children over the next 3 years. After he’d receive the loan, I told him, his orphanage would be on its own and would no longer receive monthly support. Confident that the taxi would succeed, he accepted my offer.

So far, the taxi business is doing great and it’s providing enough profit to support the children and slowly pay back his loan! I’m so happy that Life Concern Orphanage is now self-sufficient and doesn’t need to rely on our monthly support, and look forward to many more orphanage directors following Joney’s good example.

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

At least in this photo, you can see the taxi sign!

Orphan power: Don’t worry, the car is working fine, it’s just a few of the Life Concern boys showing off their strength by pushing it!


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  • derek

    So exciting to see God use and bless Orphan’s Tear in this way! I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more stories like this. 🙂

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