Taxis for Hire…Again

05 Jan

Pastor with his wife
Pastor Yasser Castillo and his wife Teresa with HF staff member Dick Samuels

Dear Friends,

I want to tell you about Pastor Yasser Castillo and his wife Teresa. They direct a drug and alcohol rehab ministry in inner-city Havana, Cuba, one of the world’s remaining five communist nations. Along with the current 12 resident men, Yasser and Teresa live in a small, dilapidated storefront that they’ve converted into a chapel and home.

Yasser and Teresa disciple and counsel the recovering addicts, and they try to teach them marketable skills. Teresa also ministers to prostitutes and female addicts.

They previously supported the drug rehab by means of three bicycle taxis that the residents pedaled, but about a year ago the Cuban government confiscated the bicycle taxis, saying that they were being used in an unlicensed, illegal business enterprise. The ministry struggled to survive. Earlier this year, however, the government relaxed its regulations on private business enterprises, and now Yasser and Teresa can operate their bicycle taxi business again as long as they obtain the required permits and pay their taxes—and find more taxis to replace the ones the government confiscated.

That’s where Heaven’s Family was able to help.

Seeing this as an opportunity to help a vital ministry become self-sufficient, we purchased three new bicycle taxis for the ministry through gifts to the Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund. Yasser estimates that each bicycle taxi can generate at least $100 a month in profit—enough to meet the basic needs of the ministry. We also helped them buy food to sustain them until they can get the taxis into service.

Bicycle taxi
Heaven’s Family was able to purchase three new bicycle taxis similar to this one

I am so overjoyed at what God is doing in Cuba through Pastor Yasser and his wife Teresa. What a blessing it is to help this brother and sister as they fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples of former drug addicts and prostitutes. Your faithful gifts to the Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund made this possible. Thank you for your heart of obedience to Jesus.

Eternally Grateful,

Bob Collins
Director, Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund

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