Collins Ministry Fund

Collins Ministry Fund

About 30 years ago Bob and Carole Collins were delivered and redeemed from a life of drugs and alcohol. Ever since this radical change of heart, they have been driven by a strong desire to obey Jesus by the winning of souls, making disciples and ministering to the “least of these,” both at home and overseas.

On this journey of service to the Lord, they have served as pastors of youth and adults, as inner-city and prison ministers, and as teachers and counselors at a live-in Bible school for ex-offenders. This journey has led them to finally join Heaven’s Family.

Carole has been very gratified to serve as the director of the Leprosy Ministry. In addition to providing food, medical care and spiritual comfort, one of her favorite pursuits is finding sponsors to send children of leprosy-afflicted families to school.

Bob directs the Prison & Rehab Ministry that currently supports chaplains and prisoners in the U.S., Kenya, D.R. Congo, Cuba and Mexico. This ministry brings salvation, hope and healing to desperate souls, and also teaches them to be disciples of Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

Donations of your prayers, time, or financial support would all be welcome on any level (and you’re invited to join us on our trips!). We know our true reward is in heaven, but until then, our joy is in serving His family on earth—join us!

Support Bob and Carole Collins

Your gift to support Bob and Carole Collins enables them to serve on Heaven’s Family’s staff so they can minister to the “least of these” around the world.

Articles written by Bob or Carole

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