Kristin Crandall

Kristin Crandall

Jesus tells us that when we believe in Him, everything we receive from Him is made to flow out again to bless others (see John 7:38). From Jesus I have learned (and Oswald Chambers put it best) “…it is not what we gain, but what He pours through us that counts.”

As a graphic designer for the Advancement Department, I often feel that I don’t have a job in the usual sense, but rather, that I am getting paid to serve the Lord. It’s beautiful for me to be a part of something greater than myself, to be used of God even if it’s to design a brochure or edit another director’s writings.

As a young wife and first-time mom, I am so incredibly grateful for the part that the Lord has given me to play in this vast and amazing good work that He is accomplishing through the ministries of Heaven’s Family. The opportunities to shine, and the acceptance I have found as a member of this “family,” is often overwhelming. I feel blessed beyond measure.

The Lord desires to use each of us mightily, and in any capacity that He is able. We mustn’t limit ourselves to what we believe we were meant to do or be. His vision is so much more magnanimous than our earthly eyes can comprehend. We must boldly take these leaps of faith, and allow the Lord to surprise us, stretch us and overwhelm us with His abundant goodness and grace.

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