Ben and Laura Croft


Ben and Laura Croft

Ben and Laura have deep roots in serving the “least of these” around the world. Ben carries on the legacy of his grandmother, who was a missionary to Asia. She dreamed of bringing the gospel to China. God had other plans and she never had the opportunity to serve in that region. Her dreams would instead be fulfilled through Ben, who began serving the persecuted church inside China over a decade ago. Opportunities to help those being persecuted for their faith expanded into North Korea, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Through Heaven’s Family, he carries on the legacy that has been passed down to him by directing the Persecuted Christians Ministry.

Laura’s missions experience began as a young teenager through her local church, where she quickly fell in love with traveling to other cultures to help brothers and sisters in Christ in need. Raised in a family of medical professionals, her heart has always been drawn to serving those who are in desperate need of medical care. Heaven’s Family provided the perfect opportunity for her to help bring healing and hope in Christ to many around the world who have little or no access to medical care due to their poverty. Laura serves as director of the Critical Medical Needs Ministry.

Ben and Laura were married in 2013. They live in Colorado where they continue to build on their shared passion for missions, adventure and worship.

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