Ryan Haught

Ryan Haught

I used to be antagonistic towards the Christian faith of my parents, but I still felt that God was wrestling with me. There was a void in me that nothing in this world could fill. And then in September 2013 God brought me to the end of myself and overwhelmed me with the truth of the gospel. I have not been the same person since.

As a new believer, I felt a desire to pursue vocational ministry but didn’t sense any open doors for me to serve in this way. So I finished my college education, majoring in Web Development, unsure of where God would lead me next.

In 2014 I discovered Heaven’s Family through the North Korean Christians Ministry after searching the internet for ways to help suffering believers in that oppressive nation. Over the next two years I fell in love with the ministries of Heaven’s Family and felt drawn to be more involved.

I felt a new desire to use my experience and education as a Web Developer to support missions, so I reached out to Heaven’s Family for some work advice. That conversation lead to a six-month internship in 2016 and a full-time job as a part of the Web Team in 2017. In 2018, I stepped into the role of Webmaster and am now responsible for managing Heaven’s Family’s websites and online channels.

Through my role, I get to help as many people as possible learn about the incredible ministry of Heaven’s Family and invite them to find their part in this ministry. I also get to help ensure that our donors stay informed about the difference their gifts are making. I’m immensely humbled and grateful for this opportunity to fulfill my calling.

I live in Eastern Pennsylvania with my beautiful wife Abby, who shares my love for the “least of these” and faithfully supports me in my work.

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