Jerry Jefferson

Jerry Jefferson

After finding myself in jail for the second time in one year, I surrendered my life to the Lord in 2002 and began devouring Scripture. He then began a process of transformation in me by the power of God! Since that life-altering experience, I have done my best to walk faithfully with God, and I’m steadily unwrapping and seeking to bless others with the gift of teaching that He gave me. Combining this gift with music, I’m able to write and perform Christian hip-hop songs that minister to both the saved and to those who are as yet unsaved. My ultimate goal is to see God glorified as souls are redeemed and lives are changed.

After meeting Pastor Dick Samuels I was introduced to the incredible ministry of Farming God’s Way. Soon, a new desire to help poor farmers in Africa was birthed in my heart. And, on a trip with Dick to Malawi in April of 2016, God spoke to me of the poor in my own hometown. That’s when he planted in me a burden to bring Farming God’s Way home to them as well.

I was introduced to Heaven’s Family in January of 2017, and joined the “family” in June. I absolutely love these people and the heart they have for the poor!

I’m married with four kids, and I love Jesus. I’ve been serving Him since 2002, and I won’t stop till He returns!

For information, and to hear some of my music, please check out the official “Stay Humble” website at:

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