Steve Kowalke

Steve Kowalke

As I was growing up, my family moved to a different country every few years because of my father’s job transfers. Hong Kong, Japan and Sweden were a few of our stops before we arrived in London during my high school years. I am so thankful that, during that time, a young couple from a small Bible college in Florida decided to obey the Lord’s call. They packed up everything and moved to London in order to minister to high school kids there, and hundreds—if not thousands—of souls will be in heaven (myself included) because of their faithfulness.

After a 25-year career with Target, I decided to leave the corporate world so I could focus my time on volunteering and consulting with ministries and other non-profit organizations. Recently, David Servant, the Founder of Heaven’s Family (and also my brother-in-law), asked me if I could consult with him to help Heaven’s Family become more effective. What I found was a group of committed believers who had set aside their earthly goals in order to obey the Lord’s command to serve the “least of these.” So, when David asked me to come on staff as the V.P. of Operations, I jumped at the opportunity.

My task is to help Heaven’s Family operate as effectively as possible in pursuing our mission to help build the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth.

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