Carmen Parise

Carmen Parise

In 2005, a visiting pastor named David Servant was invited to speak at our local church. His message resounded clearly: You guys are quite comfortable in suburbia; that’s great, but there is a hurting world out there, and as a Christian you can make a difference.

Having been an airline pilot for over three decades, I had the opportunity to experience the dichotomy of that world—one morning enjoying a nice house, car, wife, 3 kids…while the next morning I would be walking through a Mumbai slum, where cruel reality stares back at you at every turn.

It took a little while (I like to pace myself) but I came to realize that I, too, could make a difference, so in 2015 I joined Heaven’s Family as the director of the Disabilities Ministry. The harsh reality is that being disabled in much of the world is to be viewed as cursed, and, as a result, the frequent object of abuse and rejection. Most impoverished nations do not have the resources, or infrastructure, to adequately meet the challenges these “lease of these” individuals face. I desire to bring God’s love, mercy and grace into the lives of the disabled and their families in order that they are helped physically, emotionally and spiritually—and forever transformed.

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