Samuels Ministry Fund

Samuels Ministry Fund

When Patti and I were born again, we were just starting our family. We were sure that God was preparing us for the foreign mission field, and imagined ourselves preaching the gospel and raising our children in faraway places. We prepared ourselves, but God didn’t open that door. Instead, He brought people to us to be loved as if members of our own family. Finally, after our children were raised and were serving the Lord on their own, God brought Patti and me into contact with David Servant, the founder of Heaven’s Family. David challenged both of us to pursue our calling/dream as part of the team at Heaven’s Family. After much prayer and seeking God, Patti and I decided to leave our secular careers and join Heaven’s Family where we could serve Jesus by serving the “least of these”.

Dick serves with the Farming God’s Way Ministry, which helps poor subsistence farmers around the world learn biblically-based agricultural methods to increase their harvests as much as five-fold. The increased harvests make it possible for poor farmers not only to feed their families, but have crops to sell. The farmers are also being discipled to follow Jesus fully, preparing for God’s great harvest.

Patti once directed the Critical Medical Needs Ministry, where she helped provide urgently needed medical treatment for poor pastors, widows, orphans, and other believers who would suffer and die without proper treatment.

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Your gift to support Dick and Patti Samuels enables them to serve on Heaven’s Family’s staff so they can minister to the “least of these” around the world.


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