Steve Sifa

Steve Sifa

I have learned and held onto Christian values since my youth, always doing my best to use my gifts, talents and resources to serve the Lord. A verse I have based my life on is, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come” (2 Cor 5:17). Letting Christ renew me daily—my heart, mind and actions—grows more important as I continue to walk the path He set for me.

Along the way of life I married my wife, Jana, who gave birth to our three children. We have served Jesus together leading small groups, discipling fellow believers and leading youth programs at a Bible camp.

I have had a long, successful career as a Certified Financial Planner, advising individuals and small businesses regarding their finances, including wealth management and retirement planning. The Lord blessed me financially and with wisdom at every turn, and our family was able to give heartily to the ministry of Heaven’s Family as well as many others. I knew I was in His hands and walking in His will and lived a comfortable life.

But over the past several years, the Lord has brought me through much refinement, even tearing down, that he might build me into a new creature in new ways, including leading me to serve in the Microloan Ministry here at Heaven’s Family. But first He had other plans of preparation. My business skills and financial expertise were a natural fit for the role, but I couldn’t relate to the people I would be working with on a personal level. For several years, the Lord allowed me to go through discouragement and frustration, where it seemed every door was closed to me. I remained steadfast in my faith, however, learning a deeper trust in Him and the blessing of obedience without understanding. I was reminded that, if I were to continue on the road to become the new creature that Christ wants to use, I needed to experience brokenness and renewal. This was essential if I was to understand, on some level, the plight and desperation of others who have failed.

In the Microloan Ministry, we have the ability to make a sustainable impact in people’s lives, not just financially, but in their souls. I am thankful that not only do I now get to teach micro-business owners all over the world about good business principles, but I’m also able to help them with their feelings of vulnerability; I get to help them to see that the Lord will bless those who are faithful to Him. That’s a part of what becoming a new creature is all about.

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