Walker Ministry Fund

Walker Ministry Fund

We are both committed to serving the Lord together at Heaven’s Family, where each day we are privileged to serve the “least of these” as Jesus spoke to us about in Matthew 25. We marvel at how God has brought us together with this wonderful ministry and as husband and wife.

Jody was born and raised in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Although he was raised in a local church, his heart for the Lord really caught flame in college after reading Revolution in World Missions and Road to Reality, both by K.P. Yohannan.

After serving with Gospel For Asia in Carrolton, Texas, for most of 2009, he joined the team at Heaven’s Family in nearby Pittsburgh, Pa., as an intern in November of 2010, linking his life with his brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world. He was invited to join the staff full-time in April of 2011.

Elisabeth came to know Jesus in her early teen years. Her desire since has been to obey His command to take care of the widows and orphans (James 1:22). She jumped at an opportunity to join Heaven’s Family after high school.

We got to know each other as we worked side by side during Jody’s internship. Jody eventually asked Elisabeth’s father, David Servant, for his permission to marry her. He proposed (you can actually see him proposing by clicking here). We were married during the summer of 2012. In early 2014, we had our first child, Jonathan.

Together we enjoy reading, hiking, and basking in the Lord’s presence. Jody currently spends much of his time serving in the Web Development department and also directs the National Missionary Ministry. Elisabeth has several administrative duties that utilize her fundraising and marketing talents, and directs the Compassion Club as well.

We are currently not fully supported. If the Lord is leading you to join our support team, thank you so much! You can contact us at [email protected] and [email protected].

Support Jody and Elisabeth Walker

Your gift to support Jody and Elisabeth Walker enables them to serve on Heaven’s Family’s staff, providing all the behind-the-scenes work that is essential to facilitate our ministry to the “least of these” around the world.

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