Thank You from Nepal

napal christian boy with tumor

Dear Friends,

Jeevan Lam is nine years old and lives in Nepal. In April, the director of Loving Children Orphanage sent a photo of him to our Heaven’s Family office asking us if there was any way we could help this child. He had been diagnosed with a rare benign tumor behind his nose that occurs primarily in adolescent males. If this tumor continued to grow, Jeevan would likely die, the doctor said. He needed extensive radiation treatments to shrink the tumor, followed by an operation on his nose and then brain surgery. After learning of Jeevan’s urgent need and looking at his photo, God grabbed our hearts and we had to help.

Over the next six months Jeevan was bathed in prayer and our Critical Medical Needs Fund began to help him. As you can see in the next photo, he has had his radiation treatments and his nose operation. Although his health is improving he still needs more surgery.

nepal christian boy after receiving treatment for tumor

Jeeval is on the mend, but will need more surgury

Recently we received this report from the orphanage director, “On behalf of Loving Children Orphanage I would like to thank our beloved Lord Jesus Christ and Heaven’s Family who provide us to have a treatment for Jeevan’s health. Without your prayer and support we would have not done anything.” Jeevan sent us the following thank you card he made himself. Our hearts were touched.

thank you card drawn by nepali boy

We thank the Lord that he touches the hearts of those who generously contribute to the Critical Medical Needs Fund. Because of your help, Jeevan and many others say, “Thank you.”

Patti Samuels

Director, Critical Medical Needs Fund

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