Thankful New Students

09 Aug

Thankful New Students


The children, all who have parents affected by leprosy, got to attend summer camp as a reward for their hard work at school

Dear Friends,

You probably remember hearing about the school we started back in February for 35 children of leprosy-affected families in Hyderabad, India. These children do not have leprosy, but have been barred from public schools because of their parents’ leprosy. Without an education, these children faced a bleak future with little hope of rising above a life of begging, one of the few means of survival available for lepers—or their children—in Indian society.

In June our ministry partner, Joab Lohara, held a special summer camp for these children. Here is his report:

We hired an elementary school in town for two days. All the children were brought in here. Pastor Paul connected with some teachers who specialized in child care ministry. Three teachers came and helped during this camp.

There was a time for Bible lessons. The child learnt action songs, colored pictures, and played games. They also did a skit on the last day.

Special food and ice cream was served. We gave away Christian story books to each child. Off from their school, away from the hostel, the children enjoyed every moment of it. Praised be the Lord!

The children are showing interest in the things of Jesus. They are catching up with their studies. Please pray that soon they all will come to the saving knowledge. Thank you for your partnership.

Left: Learning from Christian storybooks; Right: a well-deserved feast

We now have sponsors for 18 of these 35 children (see to attend the Dicku Memorial School, and we also continue to provide monthly food, medicine, clothing and blankets for the parents who have been affected by leprosy. Thank you so very much for your generosity in making assistance like this possible for these leprosy-affected families who hold such a special place in the Lord’s heart. To sponsor one or more of the 17 children who are not yet sponsored, click here.

My husband and I will be visiting these children during our visit to India at the end of October. We are very excited to finally be getting the opportunity to meet these precious children face to face. I’ll have more stories and photos to share when I get back!

Together in His service,

Carole J. Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry Fund

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