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July 2012 Issue

The Bachelorette

The Christians with Disabilities Fund at Work in India

CJ McDaniel


Monica of Karnal

She’s 22 years old. She’s beautiful. She’s a hard worker. She’s an excellent cook. She comes from a great family. She’s single. What young man in Karnal, India wouldn’t want her to be his wife?

The answer: not one. Polio, a crippling disease that has been eradicated from most of the world, claimed Monica when she was a baby, making her legs useless. She has never walked.

As a child, Monica eventually mastered the art of walking on her hands. She even does that well. During my visit I witnessed how quickly, yet gracefully, she glided across the room—as if floating—all on her hands.

Without polio, Monica would possess a perfect bridal résumé, eagerly sought after by every would-be matchmaker. The social stigma of her disability, however, clings to her like a ball and chain. Marriage, Monica knew, would forever be out of the question for her.

What Monica didn’t know, however, was that God—and her brother—had other plans.

Monica’s brother, Thara, is also her pastor. At a Christian conference two hours from their home, Thara met another pastor who told him about a hardworking young man in his church named Chand. Chand was a successful tailor, but struggled to get around because he only has the use of one of his legs—due to polio. Chand dreamed of finding a wife and starting a family but, as with Monica, Indian societal taboos regarding the disabled kept marriage an unlikely dream. Most families would reject any proposal from a disabled man.

Naturally, Thara told his new friend about his sister Monica. Could this be a streak of providence? The two conspired in that moment to arrange a meeting between Monica and Chand.

The day arrived. During their meeting, both knew in their hearts that God was at work, granting them the desires of their hearts.


The newlyweds together: Monica and Chand Darsan

Chand and Monica have now been married for six months. They thank God—and their matchmaking pastors—for bringing them together.Monica is happy to stay at home and take care of her household, but she told us how difficult it is for her to “walk” to the market or carry things when she travels. I was happy to inform her that Heaven’s Family knows many caring people who love Jesus like her, and because of their gifts to the Christians with Disabilities Fund, we would be providing her with a hand-propelled tricycle so she can travel long distances without having to walk on her hands. Monica sends her heartfelt thanks to brothers and sisters whom she’ll thank again in heaven.


The Christians with Disabilities Fund serves our brothers and sisters in Christ whose pressing needs are made even more difficult because of their physical impairments. Your gifts provide wheelchairs, hand-propelled tricycles and artificial legs to believers with disabilities who previously could not travel without significant hardship. We also provide micro-loans to enterprising disabled believers to help them start self-sustaining small businesses. As with all of Heaven’s Family’s Focused Funds, 100% of your gifts to the Christians with Disabilities Fund is sent overseas to directly benefit needy believers.

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