The life of a leprosy patient

16 Feb

The life of a leprosy patient

Image of victims of leprosy receiving wound careWounds are very common among leprosy patients, so they were very thankful for the Christian doctors who cared for them

The life of a leprosy patient

Sent away and forgotten—except by you

Dear Family,

In an Asian country (not disclosed to protect the people serving and being served), hidden in the mountains, are “forgotten” people. They were brought there as outcasts from their society due to leprosy. But Jesus hasn’t forgotten them. And because of Jesus inside you, you are physically showing Jesus to them.

You recently helped bring love and care to three leprosy quarantine villages in this Asian country via Heaven’s Family’s Leprosy Ministry. You helped provide food, wound care, crutches, haircuts, and the good news of Jesus Christ.

Image of victim of leprosy receiving a hair cutA leprosy patient who was very happy to receive a haircut!

One of the people you helped, Philip (name changed to protect his identity), said he was 18 years old when he discovered he had leprosy. He’s been in this quarantine village ever since, for 59 years! He’s never had anyone from his past come to visit him. He said, “All hope and dreams suddenly disappear as you find yourself being forced to live out the rest of your days stuck in a quarantine village.”

Despite his inability to live a normal life, Philip heard the message of how Jesus is the way, truth, and life!

Image of victims of leprosy receiving crutchesA few leprosy patients who received crutches, thanks to you!

Thank you so much for caring for those whom the devil wanted everyone to forget.

Image of the director of the Leprosy Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Leprosy Ministry

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