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The Lord is Our Helper

30 Dec

Flood victims in Pakistan
Just a few of the many flood victims who have been helped recently in Pakistan

Dear Friends,

We’ve continued working in Pakistan this year, much of it through our partner Samuel, helping with unusual flooding that has devastated some areas in the south. I want to share with you a letter we received from Megha, a woman helped through gifts to the Disaster Relief Fund. I was blessed when I read her letter, and I think you will be too.

My Name is Megha. I am residing in a small village of Sanghar district. I had a chance to watch “Jesus” movie in my village. After watching movie I started asking my children and husband that what kind of god is this that does not fight even people are cruel and fight against him. He blesses them instead. When this year rainy season started then Jesus Christ was came into my mind as how he made the sea still.

I asked my family to let us call on Jesus Christ but they refused and went to sleep. At 2:00 a.m. in the night water level increased so high that we have to leave our home and take refuge on a roof top of a government school building. We were watching our destruction with our own eyes. Muslim community was helping their own people but nobody was listening to us. After 10 days when we called upon Jesus Christ he sent his man Brother Samuel who came to us. He comforted us and then took some people with him to Sanghar city and bought us 10 tents and food items and we really thanked the Lord.

After some days the food was finished and the water also started getting low. Our crops were all destroyed on which we have worked for the last six months and the fields are still filled with water and even for the next six months we are unable to cultivate anything. We again got together and prayed and the second day God again sent his man Brother Samuel who arranged for our food.

I along with my family including my sons, daughters and their children (10 families) have accepted Jesus as our personal savior because He is the one in this world who really cares for His people and lift up their burden. He arranged to teach us and He shared His love with us and has not left us unattended.

I on behalf of my family thank the Lord and Heaven’s Family and have faith in Jesus that by the time of our complete rehabilitation you will continue to encourage and help us.

May God bless you all.


Thanks to faithful friends like you, we’ve sent another $3,000 to help Megha and her village with more food and some blankets to help them through this winter.

May you and yours have a Blessed Christmas and an abundant New Year as you serve Him through the “least to these.”

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Fund

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