The Other Sandy

Hurrican Sandy destruction in Cuba

Dear Friends,

None of us could have missed the extensive television coverage of Hurricane Sandy’s destructive swath across the US Northeast. You may have even lived through what they’re calling an “epic super storm” that knocked out power, downed trees, and flooded homes. The damage was severe, and federal disaster aid, relief organizations (NGOs), and a small army of insurance adjusters will be swarming into the area in the days and weeks ahead to eventually restore most of what was lost.

It’s less known that Sandy was born in the Caribbean, and killing at least a dozen people as it marched across Cuba’s eastern half with 110 mph sustained winds (compared to less than 90 mph peak winds when it struck the US). The media gave Cuba’s devastation scant coverage. And unlike the response following Sandy’s US invasion, there will be little if any response from the bankrupt Cuban government, few NGOs will be landing on Cuba’s shores to provide aid, and zero insurance adjusters will be showing up. Cuba’s poor rural citizens, who make less than $10 a day, must rebuild on their own.

Heaven’s Family has connections with many brothers and sisters in Christ who have been impacted by Sandy. Roofs have been blown off, foundations washed away, and entire homes lost. We’d like to help them recover.

We’ve got a team going to Cuba next week to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. They’ll be on the ground, directly reaching out to members of our spiritual family who are trying to put their lives back together.

You can vicariously join our team by sending some of your treasure to Cuba (and, ultimately, to heaven!) to help in this desperate hour. And you can demonstrate your love for Jesus by serving the “least of these” among His Cuban spiritual family. Any gift to our Disaster Relief Fund will be appreciated.

Hurricane Sandy aftermath in Cuba

On behalf of our Cuban brothers and sisters, thanks so very much.

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter

Director, Disaster Relief Fund


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