The Rainy Season in Myanmar

09 Jul

The Rainy Season in Myanmar

Children eating at Mynamar orphanage
Dinnertime at Nazareth Children’s Home in Shan State, Myanmar

Dear Friends,

I love the above photo of dinnertime at one of our orphanages in Myanmar. But knowing the story behind the children’s smiles makes it even better. Food security is a real concern for most everyone who lives in Myanmar, especially now because of May’s crop-destroying cyclone. The children at Nazareth Children’s Home, however, along with over 1,000 other orphans in Myanmar, eat everyday because people in far-away nations love them. You are one of those people. Thanks so much!

We’ve been hearing from some of our orphanage directors that the rainy season in Myanmar has begun. Streams and rivers are overflowing. One email we received describing the conditions of an orphanage during the rainy season in Myanmar is from the director of Trinity Orphanage, who just painted his new dorm that was built with funds from Orphan’s Tear (that’s you). First, here is a photo of his newly-painted dorm just before the rainy season:

Newly-painted orphanage building in Myanmar
Orphanage dorm painted right before the rainy season in Myanmar

Now take a look at this photo, taken from the second-story of that new dorm, looking down into the yard and kitchen/dining hall (which we would love to replace) during Myanmar’s rainy season:

Children playing in water during rainy season
Children enjoying the huge mud puddle during the rainy season in Myanmar

The Rainy Season in Myanmar is Here!

But it doesn’t appear as if the children are too bothered by the nearby overflowing stream. But the rainy season is when mosquitoes and malaria proliferate. I’m thankful that, because of your sacrifices, all the children in our Myanmar orphanages sleep under mosquito netting. Still, our orphanage directors in Myanmar, 31 in all, don’t look forward to the rainy season. The director of Trinity Orphanage wrote (in his best English):

Dear David,

I do letting you know about the water give us didturbance. Many times, the water always give us disturbance when the rainy season come. Because of, as we are living near by the river.

Most of our Chicks and Chickens are died when the water give us disturbance.

So, may I request you to remember us in your prayer for the embankment of our compound as well as for the construction of our Kitchen too. As our Kitchen is very small and this is quite difficult to use and cook when the rainy season come. Because of there is leaking from all of around the wall of our Kitchen and also always WET all of around inside of our Kitchen when every rainy season come.

That is just one email. We receive many letters requesting our help both in and out of rainy season. And we’re very thankful for all that the Lord makes possible through friends like you.

As always, thanks to every orphan sponsor and every contributor to the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund and the Dorms for Orphanages Fund. Praise God that we currently have 12 new orphanage dorms under construction, all very much like the one in the above photo. In every case, 100% of what has been received from you has been sent (or soon will be sent) overseas to meet the pressing needs of our little brothers and sisters in Christ.

We still have some room for anyone who wants to join us in Myanmar this November, but only in the first team (November 8-21), as the second team is filled. If you would like to receive more information, just email us. Hope you can join us!


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