The Sweet Smell of Success, Burundi-Style

26 Jul

The Sweet Smell of Success, Burundi-Style

burundi christian man run store with micro-loan funds

Deoderat, his wife, and one of their four children making a food called “chackle” for their restaurant

In the Cibitoke Commune in Bujumbura, Burundi, a man by the name of Deodorat Minani lives with his wife and four children. Deodorat is a Christian and works as a teacher in the public school system, earning less than two dollars a day. He has been struggling to provide for his family.

With a $300 micro-loan from Heaven’s Family, however, Deodorat and his wife Francoise have been able to start a small business selling food at the local market. Francoise runs the business in the morning while Deodorat is teaching, then they work their business together in the afternoons. Some of their best customers are other vendors who also sell in the market but who do not have time to go home for meals.

Our micro-banker reported, “Now because of his business earnings, brother Deodorat is able to pay his rent, cover his family expenses, and invest some money in the Kingdom to the Glory of God!”

Because of obedient people like you who generously give to Heaven’s Family’s Micro-Loan Fund, Deodorat is able to support his family and give generously to God’s work in Africa. His offerings are, no doubt, a very pleasing aroma to the Lord.


Director, Micro-Loan Fund

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