You’re Their Hero!

You’re Their Hero!

Children in Mexico with electricity working

This little light of mine…it’s shining!

Wow, you did it…

Dear Family,

Heat. Hot water. Lights.

Electricity—don’t we take it for granted when we lose it, even for an hour?

The children in our safe house in Mexico know what that’s like, and they were facing cold winter nights without heat, light or hot water.

But praise God, the darkness has been defeated (quite literally!). The children are now warm at night, have light to study by and hot water to bathe. And we even have an overflow, which will be used to meet other needs of those children, including keeping that electricity flowing all year! We had a rush to get the financial need met per electric company requirements, but as you might expect, they dragged their feet doing the actual hookup, which is why we couldn’t send this update sooner. But now, we’re happy to say, it’s a done deal!

Sometimes, it’s as though a need is met like a whisper in the wind…but this time the internet “airwaves” were “electrified” by your goodness. You’ve really warmed our hearts (a bit corny but true!). Check out a few of the many drawings the children made as their way of saying GRACIAS (below).

So from each child who will be warmer this winter, we say thank you, family of God. He is shining through you like a light on a hill.

On behalf of His little ones,

Jeff and Karin Trotter

Directors, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

Picture of drawings from children in Mexico

Picture of drawings from children in Mexico

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