They’ve Got the Power

08 Aug

Rebecca and ladies of WoW Center, sewing with constant electrical power

They’ve Got the Power

Your gift of steady electricity helps women prosper in DR Congo

Dear Friends,
Rebecca learned to sew to support herself, and now she can be more productive—thanks to a new supply of electricity.

That’s because your investment in the Compassion Club allowed our partner to purchase and install solar panels, which now provide electricity for the Women of Wellness Center in Goma, DR Congo. The panels were installed a couple years ago, but I wanted to let you know what you’ve been accomplishing.

The ladies who find refuge at the center have been violated or abused in this war-torn region, then rejected by most of their families and communities. At this place of sanctuary they have found new life in Christ as His cherished daughters, full of value and equipped for a future of hope and promise. Their new sewing skills are a part of what gives them hope.

Solar panels being installed at the Women’s Wellness Center in Goma, DR Congo

Their sewing classes have prepared them to earn a living for themselves and their children, many of whom are the product of the rape they suffered. Many of them have become so skilled that the government has offered them contracts to sew school and prison uniforms, and they’ve also received orders from local women to make fashion dresses and blouses.

The main problem was the lack of constant electricity, which has now been solved with solar panels—thanks to you and other generous donors. We are so grateful that you have helped these women flourish!

Elisabeth Walker
Compassion Club Coordinator

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