Thirsty for a New Life

22 Sep

“Thank you Heaven’s Family for safe water!” —Patricia Mwikya

Thirsty for a New Life

Helping to provide juvenile offenders with a second chance

Dear Friends,

Smiling broadly and holding two new Sawyer water filters in the above photo is Patricia, wife of Kelvin Mwikya. Kelvin (not pictured) runs Philemon Foundation’s new Christian residential facility for juvenile offenders, a revolutionary aftercare center where young men learn important skills to succeed in life and be discipled in the Lord, located in Kibwezi, Kenya—the first of its kind in that country. In the past, these boys and young men would have been tossed onto the streets when their sentences were over, doomed to a life of poverty and recurrent crime.

Thanks to gifts to the Safe Water Fund, we provided them with two Sawyer filter kits for use at the new youth residence and at the Mwikya’s home. Bob Collins, director of Heaven’s Family’s Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund, works closely with Kelvin. During a recent visit, Bob presented the filters to them.

Their drinking water is collected straight from a small polluted river a few miles down the road. Using these filters, they are now able to quickly and effectively filter all the river water they need—up to a million gallons over the course of each filter’s useful life—removing 99.99% of bacteria, protozoa, dissolved fecal matter and other harmful debris.

Safe drinking water is scarce in so many of the places where the “least of these” whom we serve live. The Mwikya’s are so thankful for this wonderful gift of safe drinking water, both for themselves and the boys and young men at the youth facility, who are very thirsty for clean water—and new lives!

Any size gift to the Safe Water Fund is so appreciated! Thank you so much!

Serving together,

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Fund

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