This is the life! [Ninth blog from Myanmar]

13 Nov

This is the life! [Ninth blog from Myanmar]

Life doesn’t get much better than holding a cute newborn while drinking fresh coconut milk.

I know I have the best job on the planet. Though I’m not always holding babies and drinking coconut milk on the job, I was blessed to enjoy such a luxury at Life Concern Orphanage in Yangon. The director, Joney, and his wife had a baby girl last month. Even if I didn’t get to hold babies, I’d still say I have the best job. It is such a privilege to visit and care for orphans on your behalf.

Below are a few photos of some of the smiling kids who are grateful for your support!

On behalf of the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear


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  • Bekah

    This is wonderful. For so many reasons.

    I love the photo on the swing and with the guitar!!

  • Olga

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed about your trip…..
    We share your joy. It is such a blessing for me to see how God is using the ministry
    so that we here in the States know God is real and see what He is doing.
    Bless you. I am glad He has given you this blessing you showed us!
    He is pleased with your service to Him and I am grateful for your taking the time to take the pictures and share them with all of us.
    Hugs….. in the Lord! I feel like I know you !!!!!
    And blessings on your husband too. So good to see you both make such a good team. Tell him his photos are awesome!

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