“This little boy went to school, but this little piggy stayed home…”

25 Jun

“This little boy went to school, but this little piggy stayed home…”

Orphan boy wearing sunglasses stooping down holding one of the piglets as it feeds off the mama pigThis boy at Grace Orphanage in Myanmar loves to feed the pigs.

We’ve been receiving lots of reports of new arrivals at many of our orphanages in Myanmar. Piglets are being born left and right! This is great news for the orphanages, as each piglet means more income. The children take care of the piglets until they grow large enough to sell, and then they make a nice profit that helps provide for many of their needs. We encourage all of our orphanage directors to start small business ventures like this, so that they can take greater responsibility in supporting themselves and depend less on outside help.

The director of Grace Orphanage writes:

Our pig has 8 piglets. Our boys love to feed the piglets so much. One of our boys loves to feed piglets more than going to school.

Because of donations to the Orphan’s Tear Special Projects Fund, we are able to purchase pigs, chickens, fish and more to enable our orphanages to be more self-sustaining. Thanks so much for making all this possible!

Charity McDaniel

The children smiling ear to ear sitting on their new chairs
New piglets at Love in Action Children’s Home in Myanmar

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