Three Sisters Find a Home

08 Jan

In front (left to right), sisters Hnin Tin Par, Bawi Hlei Par, and Sung Siang Dim, and behind (left to right) their Uncle Nawl Nawl and Aunt Biak Rem Mawi.

When the youngest of the three sisters above was just an infant, their father died from an unknown cause. Soon afterwards, their mother abandoned them to start a new life for herself, and the three girls were then placed in the custody of the village leaders.

Biak Rem Mawi and Nawl Nawl are the sisters’ aunt and uncle. They felt sympathy for the girls and invited the them to live with them even though they were quite poor themselves. They knew that the girls would be much better off with relatives than to just be three more children in a large orphanage.

We at Orphan’s Tear like the way Biak Rem Mawi and Nawl Nawl think, so we agreed to help them provide the home life these girls needed. After listening to their ideas, we decided to provide them with an Opportunity Loan from Orphan’s Tear’s Kinship Care Fund so that they could start a loom business. So far the business is a success, and I’m thrilled that the five of them can now thrive together as a family!

Thank you for supporting Orphan’s Tear!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

Biak Rem Mawi standing in front of her money-making loom, made possible by a loan from Orphan’s Tear

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