Three Weddings—and a Baptism—on a Shoestring

17 Oct

Three Weddings—and a Baptism—on a Shoestring

Picture of wedding in Mexico
The 3 happy grooms received their 3 beautiful brides with big, beautiful smiles

Three Weddings—and a Baptism—on a Shoestring

Mexico is changing, thanks to you

Dear Family,

You made all this possible…

Three wonderful weddings. The weather was perfect and over 300 guests arrived to watch three of our young men—a national missionary and two of our Village sons—marry their beautiful brides…

[Let me pause right here to tell you that whenever I say “we” did something for Jesus’ kingdom (or say “our” or “us”) that means you too! This is your ministry…ministry that could not happen without YOU.]

It was truly a dream come true for each of them. Jason shared scriptures and counsel as they took their oaths and performed the traditional wedding rituals of the Lasso, Coins, Rings, Pillows, Bible, Prayer, and, of course, the KISS!

Pictures of wedding vows being made
At left, Irene and Kilo, kneeling on their pillows for the final marriage blessing; at right, Laura and Jose laughing nervously as they performed the coin exchange

Picture of brides and grooms
At left, sweet brides serving their 3 leche cakes together; at right, the grooms are ready to celebrate: “Yay! We did it!!”

But here’s a little backstory to help you understand just how this event was such an amazing work of God…

The oldest groom, Kilo, is one of our first Puebla missionaries that Jason ordained over 10 years ago. The other two lived many years as our Village sons, left to be prodigal sons, and returned repentant and ready to serve with us again. One of our prodigals married a main pastor/missionary’s daughter who has taught children’s church in 4 of our missions for many years. The other 2 brides come from extremely humble homes and love Jesus with all their hearts also. As you can see, it was all very simple, but “princess beautiful” for them—even with $20 wedding dresses and $15 shoes. And they are so grateful for the wedding WE gave them!

After the wedding came the real “icing on the cake”—two of the brides and another sister were baptized, and 4 children were dedicated to Christ!

Picture of baptisms in Mexico
At left, Pastor Costa leading his eldest daughter, Emma, to be baptized; at right, Juan and Costa baptizing Laura

Picture of dedication in Mexico
At left, Jason and Ernesto dedicating the precious children to Jesus; at right, Vicenta and Melecio, among our first converts here in Puebla over 15 years ago, placing the lasso on Irene and Kilo

The Churches are prospering and a couple of new areas have opened up to the gospel. Our national missionaries and their precious families continue to sacrifice and take Jesus to the unreached and most needy each week.

The Drug Rehabs are also still in full swing and so many young men’s lives are being restored and changed forever. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication—but it happens. God is with our bishops as they oversee this great work of helping the addicts come to Jesus and be set free.

All of our Village babies are doing great. Their grades are picking back up this year and we are seeing improvement in the most difficult cases. Forgiveness is the key to healing in their little hearts and it is a daily process.

What’s next. We are about to begin the first small dorm at Village 1 and we will see how it goes from there. Finances have been very tight so we have not advanced as quickly as planned, but it is all in God’s timing. We are very blessed to have just completed a large water cistern there, thanks to Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry! Water is so very essential for us all—especially when washing clothes for 60+ people a day (and most of them kids)!

We are having to really cut corners right now, forcing us to not buy the 2,000 children’s gifts this year as we normally do. But no worries—the December Children’s Christmas Campaigns will still go on! We will still feed that many children and bring the Christmas message—including a cartoon nativity film, fun, games, prizes and, of course, a candy cane—to each child! We will still have 8 full-day campaigns in the four states we minister in (costing about $800 per campaign as usual). So, if you are interested in a “piece of the action” to make this happen, please let me know! (Any size investment helps)

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support in this, YOUR ministry. Thank you for helping to advance His kingdom!

Valuing Life, Nicole

Jason & Nicole Fitzpatrick

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Picture of children in Mexico

Picture of wedding ceremony

Picture of wedding ceremony

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