Transformation in Africa

08 Dec

Heaven’s Family is implementing FGW in five African countries, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. We are training and mentoring about 3000 formerly-poor FGW farmers in those five countries.  There is great joy and enthusiasm among the FGW farmers because God’s abundance is releasing them from the yoke of poverty and hunger.

Transformation in Africa - corn harvest
Happy first time FGW farmers in Rwanda celebrate their abundant harvest.

We began our FGW work in Malawi six years ago, so our FGW team of trainers is most experienced there. We began organizing the participating FGW farmers into small God’s Love Groups (GLGs). We soon discovered that the GLGs were the source of the farmers’ amazing transformations in their fields, families and communities. The GLGs quickly became functioning house churches following in the way of the early church in the Book of Acts.

These transformed FGW farmers are lovingly sharing their abundant harvests with their hungry neighbors, are becoming foster families for over 100 abandoned orphans in their villages, are helping hundreds of desperate widows become self-sustaining heads of their households, and are performing numerous other acts of Christian charity and community service. As a result, the FGW movement is growing exponentially as neighbors come to GLG meetings and ask to join them and be trained in FGW. Local government officials plead with our FGW leaders to come to their villages and introduce FGW and GLGs.

FGW’s amazing success has become our greatest challenge. How can we rapidly grow the ministry without compromising God’s high standards of excellence in the fields and the transformational work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and lives of the FGW farmers/GLG members? God is stretching us like never before. For more information on our FGW ministry in Africa, please visit

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