Transforming Villages

The blessed children of Kandal Village

Dear Friends,

What a blessing it was to meet the children of Kandal Village, Cambodia, this past May! Heaven’s Family has been sponsoring every child in this village for almost two years now, providing after-school programs to teach them about Jesus, providing basic healthcare, and educating them about the dangers of human traffickers and those who would like to make slaves of them to satisfy their own lust and greed.

In poor rural areas of Cambodia and other Southeast Asian nations, children like these are at grave risk of being trafficked—even by their own parents. That’s why Heaven’s Family is working with local partners like Care for Cambodia to transform villages like this with the power that can only be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re also seeking ways to help build local economies so that financial pressures—one of the primary reasons kids like these are trafficked—do not force families to make such desperate choices.

My friend Jonny teaching Simon Says to the children of Kandal Village, who meet under a house to escape rain and the hot sun

Heaven’s Family has provided Kandal with funds to build and equip their first schoolhouse. Soon they won’t have to meet in the cramped space under a house and, more importantly, the children will feel valued and touched by the love of God.

During my visit, I was also blessed to meet the children in Taten Village, about an hour from Kandal. Heaven’s Family is not sponsoring these children yet, but a woman named Sakly—currently the only adult believer in the village—has taken up the challenge to teach the kids, which she often uses her Bible to do. Teaching from the Bible is not well received in their Buddhist culture, but the parents of the children appreciate the overall value of the lessons she provides and allow her to continue.

The children of Taten Village currently have their school classes outside on this blue tarp (when it isn’t raining), a situation that Heaven’s Family hopes to change one day (some land issues regarding the location of the school building arose unexpectedly, and remain to be sorted out before building can begin…please pray for the right location!)

Sakly, at left, teaches the children of her village every day, and is the only adult follower of Jesus in her community. At right is Maliy, director of the district for our partner, Care for Cambodia.

Below are a few of the beautiful children of Taten Village!

Thanks so much for your partnership that makes helping to protect these kids possible. Most importantly, they are hearing about how the God who created the universe loves and values them—a very strange concept to the people of Southeast Asia!

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund

Parting Shot…

A day’s journey to rural villages wouldn’t be complete without a stop at a roadside stand to snack on stuffed-frog-on-a-stick, a favorite of my host (they tasted like barbecued chicken, of course)! The bags contain the fruit of a type of palm tree, not dinner rolls.

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