Tree Church

Group of tribal people learning
Teryl Hebert ministering to Turkana tribespeople

Dear Friends,

I haven’t been blogging during this three-week East Africa trip because we’re intending to focus on some great stories from this trip in our March magazine. Our team of seven, however, has been keeping busy every day, teaching in pastors’ conferences, meeting with our micro-bankers and their borrowers, checking on safe water projects, visiting widows who have benefitted from HF grants and loans, distributing food, giving bicycles to church planters, and preaching the gospel, as in the photo above. Pastor Teryl Hebert, my good friend from Baton Rouge, did a great job preaching to a congregation of Turkana tribespeople who gather under an acacia tree every Sunday morning. After church, we distributed four tons of corn to Turkana believers who are suffering through northern Kenya’s drought.

We’re now in Rwanda. Below are few photos of beautiful Turkana believers. Thanks for your prayers.


Tribal kids and woman from Kenya

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