The Trek of a Lifetime

Jamie trekked deep into hostile territory to reach an oppressed population in Burma

The Trek of a Lifetime

A rare opportunity to reach war refugees in Burma

Dear Friends,

Meet Jamie, an on-site Persecuted Christians Ministry partner working along the border of Burma and Thailand. She offers hope to thousands of impoverished refugee families living under the oppression of the Burmese army. Despite the incredible opposition she faces, many people are finding hope in Jesus Christ for the very first time through her efforts.

Recently, Jamie and her team trekked deeper into Burma than they had ever been before. This covert mission included a rare opportunity to visit a special site Jamie calls Hope Camp, where orphaned children and broken families have found refuge from the barbaric violence of the civil war that grinds on in this remote region of their nation. Normally, those who dwell at the camp hike many hours through a landmine-infested jungle, sometimes sleeping in caves to avoid detection, to reach Jamie at the Thailand border—where she offers them food and other living resources to survive the months ahead.

So for Jamie to bring aid directly to the camp, in larger quantities, posed an incredible challenge and the possibility of being detected was high. Ten local freedom fighters escorted Jamie and her small ministry team through the treacherous jungle, as the area is under constant threat by the Burmese army. Thankfully, Jamie arrived without incident and spent two days ministering at the camp and local village. Special gatherings were held in the evening for worship, prayer and teaching allowing many to come to Christ.

Ne La Uu, a little orphan boy at Hope Camp, says:

I like living here as we have enough food. I became a Christian two years ago when I met one of your teams. I am very, very happy that you came to Burma to see us. I am still reading the Bible you gave me two years ago, and I am learning a lot about Jesus. Five years ago, the Burmese Army came and oppressed us and fought us. They were shooting guns around us. We ran very fast and we hid under tarps in the jungle. I was very scared. Last year they came again. I am so happy that you came and visited us here, and I hope you can visit us again in the future.

Because of your incredible support, Jamie will be visiting Hope Camp again, continuing her mission to bring the light of Jesus where it’s needed most. She sends her deepest thanks to you, knowing that without your involvement she would not have the resources and opportunities for discipleship that these precious refugees so desperately need.

With a grateful heart,

Ben Croft
Director, Persecuted Christians Ministry

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