Tres Hermanos

29 May

Raul, Beto and Edgar…3 boys who were malnourished and underweight when they first arrived at their new home

Tres Hermanos

Feeding the bodies and souls of 3 abandoned boys

Dear Friends,

When Raul, Beto and Edgar first arrived at The Village in Puebla, Mexico, they were very malnourished, and their bellies were swollen and sore due to worms. The tres hermanos (3 brothers) each had a different father, and their mother was too irresponsible to provide them with proper care.

After Nicole told me about the condition of the boys, I responded by helping her provide healthy meals for them—and other children like them whom Nicole regularly meets—through contributions to the Food Fund. In all, Nicole and her husband Jason have taken in over 50 children and mothers at The Village.

The brothers were soon enrolled in school for the first time, learning how to read and write. They also began learning about God’s love for them (something they had already begun witnessing on their first day at The Village through the actions of Nicole and her staff).

Although it was well known that their mother had actually abandoned the brothers years before (missionary co-workers reported seeing them regularly in the streets of the village where they lived, eating crumbs left by neighbors), she had never completely left the picture, however, but when Nicole sent word to the mother that she and her staff would take care of her 3 sons and adopt them as their own, she willingly signed custody over to Nicole.

Always passionate about children at risk, Nicole asked me this rhetorical question: “Should they be left on the streets where they WILL fall victim to wicked men that will abuse, molest, and demoralize them until the children reach a ‘breaking point’ that leads them to believe they will never escape and therefore become a gang member, drug dealer, or a murderer??? I believe prevention is better than a cure.”

Today, months later, Raul, Beto and Edgar are happier and healthier than they’ve ever been, and appreciate what has been done for them. Recently there was a birthday celebration for Beto (along with all the children at The Village who had birthdays that month). For the occasion Raul, his little brother, gave Nicole a note with a hand-drawn heart and butterfly. The note also contained these words (written by one of his new siblings as Raul dictated): “I love you, Mama Nicole. Thank you for giving my brother, Beto, a birthday party. Thank you for giving us good food and clothes.”

The three boys at meal-time

Your generous gifts to the Food Fund provide nourishing meals for these precious boys and many others during times of desperate need. Thank you for being those who “stand in the gap” for many broken ones in the name of Jesus.

Serving together,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Fund

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